Where Angels and Mortals Meet: Oakdale Cemetery Documentary Script

Oakdale Cemetery DVD
Oakdale Cemetery DVD

I wrote the script for the documentary Where Angels and Mortals Meet about historic Oakdale Cemetery in Wilmington NC. It’s a gorgeous, garden setting and I really enjoyed reviewing the history then turning it into a travelogue-like narrative.

Here’s a link to more information from the Friends of Oakdale Cemetery.

Below is a review that appeared in the 2009 Newsletter of the Gravestone Studies Association

The history of the cemetery, including famous and interesting burials, along with the history of the area is well explained in the narration and through stunning current and historical photographs.

The production quality of this video can only be described as outstanding. The photography is breathtaking. The viewer is taken on a stroll among the flowering shrubbery, the tombstones and crypts and the magnificent trees. One cannot help but want to visit the cemetery.

Tourists as well as local residents will enjoy this video. It will also attract, and retain, the attention of community leaders. The video will be a constant reminder that Wilmington has a treasure in this park known as Oakdale Cemetery.

I find myself envious not only of this wonderful cemetery but also of the DVD itself. Many cemetery friends organizations will watch this video and grind their teeth wishing that they too could produce something of this quality.

– Hugh T. Harrington

One thought on “Where Angels and Mortals Meet: Oakdale Cemetery Documentary Script

  1. Glad you thought enough of my review of the DVD to have included it here. That DVD is the standard to which all others must be measured. In fact my local cemetery group is using it as a “goal” right now.

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