About Me

I am a writer, musician, actor, ukulele evangelist, and coffee achiever.

My writing ranges from promotional video scripts and original theatre and musical pieces to numerous web and print articles on theatre, music, finance, Star Trek, and more.

A favorite short story I’ve written, In Memory Yet Green, is part of an anthology titled My First Time.

I am a proud member of the American Theatre Critics Association, and you can read some of my current theatre reviews here.

I’ve acted professionally in many plays (and two films and a couple of commercials), taught drama at a public elementary school, played saxophone in a two-man band, co-founded two theatre troupes, worked at financial institutions, built custom furniture, worked at film and theatre festivals, and washed windows at Julie Andrews’ house.

I’ve also worked as a professional actor, musician, and woodworker.

I have a beautiful wife and two cute children.

Let’s stay in touch. I’m on Twitter more than I ought to be, and you can follow me there or subscribe to my newsletter.

Awards & Achievements

Short story “Commandments” included in Literary Sinatra course at Central Connecticut State University and analyzed in the book A Storied Singer: Frank Sinatra as Literary Conceit by Gilbert L. Gigliotti [2002]

Documentary film Threads of Victory received Merit Award from American Association of Museums [2008]

Some of the things I’ve written include:

Numerous Personality Profile pieces for Greenville News, Greenville Journal, Creative Loafing, MetroBeat, and BroadwayWorld.

Numerous news pieces about the Real Estate industry for Greenville Journal, GSA Business Journal.

Numerous Theatre, Film and Dance Reviews/Previews/Interviews/Features for Greenville News, Greenville Journal, Creative Loafing, MetroBeat, and BroadwayWorld.

Numerous CD Reviews and interviews for Film Score Monthly, All Music Guide, Creative Loafing.

Blog posts for Film Score Monthly.

Regular posts about theater and television for The Examiner (until it ceased to exist).

I’ve also written text for a museum exhibit, press releases, marketing correspondence, website content, seminars, brochures, and solicitations.

I also wrote the music & lyrics for “Love Theme from This Week in Science,” a song used as the theme tune of the science news radio show/podcast. It’s often played at the end of the broadcast, for instance in this episode.

Selected Writing Credits

Documentary Scripts

One Hundred Years On Top Piper Roofing

Award Finalists Presentation Liberty Fellowship

Threads of Victory:Upcountry South Carolina During WWII Upcountry History Museum

Spearhead: More Than Just A Camp Greenville County Recreation District

Where Angels and Mortals Meet Friends of Oakdale Cemetery


Clear Lake: The Rock ‘n Roll Reunion Centre Stage South Carolina

Night Train Gambler’s Theatre

Stigmata (w/Julie Sims) BoBo Step Productions


I’ve had short stories published in both print and online magazines. Here’s are a few examples.

The Future Soon” – 365 Tomorrows

“In Memory Yet Green” – My First Time (anthology)

“Lucky Charms” – UNluck of the Irish (anthology)

Thin Ice” – The Bad Influence

Snowfall” – The Junction

Remember Me” – Illumination

Pluperfect” – An Idea

Theatre Reviews

Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Warehouse Theatre. BroadwayWorld.

The Heath, Warehouse Theatre. BroadwayWorld

Bright Star, Mill Town Players. BroadwayWorld.

Newsies, Greenville Theatre. BroadwayWorld.

Dear Evan Hansen, Peace Center. BroadwayWorld.

Come From Away, Peace Center. BroadwayWorld.

Oliver!, Greenville Theatre. BroadwayWorld.

Hamilton, Peace Center. BroadwayWorld.

Ragtime, Greenville Theatre. Greenville News.

The Book of Mormon, Peace Center. Greenville News.

Twelfth Night, Warehouse Theatre. Greenville News.

Music Reviews

Star Trek Enterprise soundtrack. AllMusic.com.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within soundtrack. AllMusic.com.

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones soundtrack. Metrobeat.

The Last Castle soundtrack. AllMusic.com.

Omen III: The Final Conflict soundtrack. AllMusic.com.

Logan’s Run soundtrack. AllMusic.com.

Die Hard soundtrack. Film Score Monthly.

The Bourne Identity soundtrack. Film Score Monthly.

Crosby, Stills & Nash concert review. Greenville news.

John Prine concert review. Greenville News.

Sarah Jarosz concert review. Greenville News.

Jake Shimabakuro concert review. Greenville News.


Peter MacNicol interview. Film Score Monthly.

Reed Birney interview. Film Score Monthly.

Lee Billings interview. Greenville News.

The Good Place philosophy advisor Todd May. Greenville Journal.

David Weber interview. Greenville Journal.

Sebastian Bach interview. Creative Loafing.

Penn & Teller interview. Creative Loafing.

Sandra Bernhard interview. MetroBeat.

David Copperfield interview. MetroBeat.


Write weekly Star Trek newsletter, Star Trekking, since 2020.

Book review: Deep Space Nine Handbook – TrekMovie.com, 2021.

Tridimensional chess unboxing/review – TrekMovie.com, 2021.

Book review: Mr. Spock’s Little Book of Mindfulness – TrekMovie.com, 2021.

Book review: Art of Star Trek Discovery – TrekMovie.com, 2020.

Book preview/interview: The Art of Dan Curry – TrekMovie.com, 2020.

Book review: the Wisdom of Picard – TrekMovie.com, 2020.

Book preview/interview/review: Star Trek-The Motion Picture: Inside The Art and Visual Effects – TrekMovie.com, 2020.

Guest. Networking on Nimbus III podcast. Subject: My history as a fan. 2020.

Interview with Star Trek science advisor Erin Macdonald. TrekMovie.com. 2020.

“Star Trek’s Most Totally Awkward Moments.” Article on TrekMovie.com. 2020.

Interview with Star Trek author Dayton Ward. TrekMovie.com. 2020.

My Trouble with Tribbles. Article on StarTrek.com. 2020.

Guest. Melodic Treks podcast. Subject: Music of Star Trek—The Motion Picture. 2019

“Being Leonard Nimoy.” Shelf Unbound magazine. 2015.

Presenter. “Spock as Wisdom Figure.” Greenville Pecha Kucha. 2010.

“Five Thoughts About FSM’s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.” Film Score Monthly. 2010.

“My Five Definitive Star Trek Cues.” Film Score Monthly. 2009.

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