Threads of Victory Documentary Script

Logo for the exhibit Weaving Our Survival: Upcountry Stories of World War II
Logo for the exhibit Weaving Our Survival: Upcountry Stories of World War II

One of my favorite projects involved writing the script for the documentary Threads of Victory: Upcountry South Carolina During WWII. I worked with Don Koonce of Ferncreek Creative, who did the real shooting and editing, and Dr. Courtney Tollison, a history professor at Furman University and staff historian for Upcountry History Museum. As she told me, I had to take her three years’ worth of research and interviews on the subject and condense it into a twenty minute documentary. I loved working on this and am still amazed by some of the wonderful material we got from local veterans. The finished film received a National Award of Merit from the American Association for State and Local History in 2008.

In 2009, I was asked by Dr. Tollison to write copy for the year-long museum exhibit Weaving Our Survival, encompassing more stories of the WWII era as it was lived locally. Once again, my role was to assimilate and condense her extensive research material into flowing, manageable, readable chunks. She published a lot of the material in a book, World War II and Upcountry South Carolina: ‘We Just Did Everything We Could’.

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