Day 4 – Hunchback

Heading to Fountain Inn, SC tonight to see a production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

I know it’s not all that new for me to see a show, but I haven’t been to the Younts Center for several years so it definitely counts for the Something New Every Day project.


By the way, Day 3 was about listening. Instead of staring at my phone or playing music or a podcast while I was waiting, I took those fifteen minutes to sit and actively listen, to try to appreciate the ambient sounds. I’m going to try doing more of that.



UPDATE: Hunchback was beautifully atmospheric with a gorgeous light design, wonderful set and powerful voices. Filled with strong performers, it’s well worth the drive for Neel Patrick Edwards alone. He’s always memorable on stage and here he shows a truly impressive depth. Fantastic show.



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