Day 2 – Egg Burger

This month I’m going to try to do something new every day.

Today I shook up my dinner menu.

It has its roots in a snack request my daughter gave me a few weeks ago. She asked for a fried egg – and cheese, of course – on a boca burger. It became her go-to after school request.

pepperoni pizza with eggs
It could’ve been worse, I suppose.

Flash forward to today. I grilled up (okay, fried up – I was too lazy to go outside and fire up the grill) burgers for tonight’s dinner. Actual hamburgers, not veggie patties.  And when I told my daughter what we were having, she asked if she could have a fried egg on hers. And there you have it. I joined her, and instead of my usual burger toppings of tomato, lettuce, and pickles, I went with cheese and a fried egg.

The best part? My daughter didn’t finish hers – too full.

Yeah, I’m going to be full for along time after this choice. Also, I hope all my choices this month won’t be food related.

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