One Day More

Last night I saw (for – shockingly – the first time), a production of Les Miserables. This was the current North American tour and it was pretty darned good. 

One moment, at the opening of act two, Phoenix Best as Eponine sings “On My Own.” At one moment, she holds a note. The music stops. Then she stops and in otherwise utter silence, her last note echoed, resonated, lingered through the Peace Center auditorium. It was quite literally breathtaking. 

I can see why people get emotionally attached to Les Miz. 

Here’s my review of Les Miserables on BroadwayWorld

2 thoughts on “One Day More

  1. I am coming to Greenville on the 5th to see Les Mis. It will be my 5th time seeing it live, but 2nd professional company and 1st time on tour. I know I will be an emotional wreck since the show already gave me that reaction. The show is such an impressive emotional roller coaster and you need to be emotionally connected to love the different emotions. To me, an emotional connection is the most important thing of a musical

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